May 28, 2014

Why is Internet Connection in the Philippines slow?

Internet has been a necessity nowadays and admit it, you just can't live a day without connecting to your Wi-Fi and open up Facebook or go surfing in the net.The Daily crisis of most Filipino internet users is.. yes, the really really slow internet connection from time to time.

Mobile Internet users.

What's with the slow internet?

Nobody actually knows why, most of is subscribed in a monthly plan with a speed of up to 10 Mbps or that's what the telecom company says the maximum speed is.It would cost you 2000 pesos monthly just to have that decent internet speed,but the sad truth is.. it rarely reaches that point. The common complaints of users is the sudden disconnection to the internet with no knowledgeable reason, recently a Government Building lost it's internet in its whole location, it is not raining hard, nor a calamity took place on the area, it just..happened.A Senator said "We pay a high amount for high speed internet don't we?,then why do we lose internet connection most of the time.". Don't you just hate it when you are watching a good YouTube video,then it suddenly stops or buffers for a really long time?Or when you play Online Games then you suddenly you lag, in a second or so you'll see your character is already killed.

Why is it slow?

Telecom companies claim that they are having trouble on managing millions of people connecting on their network, and there is too much traffic that they start to clog down.
Well it is true that there are millions of users on the country, but what actually happened on the high rate we pay for good internet? Don't they use a part of the revenue to actually improve the speed up their services?if there is a million of people paying 2000 pesos monthly, the revenue would actually be 2 Billion pesos monthly, this is just estimation and the actual amount they earn is a lot bigger than that.

 What does the Government plans to do?

National Telecommunications Commission.

The National Telecommunications Commission or NTC for short say's "Currently the speed of the internet in the country is actually 3-4Mbps, but we plan to take it up to 20Mbps by 2016". It is sad to know the actual speed of internet in the country and the plan to speed it up would take 2 years, and the improvement is not actually an upgrade either. Countries like USA would have nationwide 1Gbps by that time, and the Philippines would be very behind, waaaaay behind.  Even countries like Singapore has great internet connections, why not the Philippines? 

What could say about the internet speed in the Philippines? Does it satisfy you? or You want to have that high speed internet that other countries is rejoicing at.


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