• HTC announces HTC One E8, availabilty also.

    HTC does not want to be left around with new Device anouncements

  • Sony announces Xperia T3 on it's Twitter account.

    Not only Apple, Sony has also announced something new.

  • iOS 8 goes official today on WWDC14.

    A new Version of iOS has been announced by Apple at WWDC

  • Jolla reduces €50 on the price of the Jolla Phone,now costs €349

    Jolla tries to convince more hearts to use Jolla Phone

  • Foxconn confirms the existence of a 4'7 and a 5'5 inch iPhone.

    The iPhone 6 could not be just kept to be a secret.

Jun 25, 2014

Google officially announces Android L

It is been a long wait for everyone to know what would the next Android version have and what would it look like, and this has been going on through these years. This year Google has announced the next version of Android.. L.

So what is Android L stands for? well that part is not announced or finalized yet, but it surely would be announced before Android L is officially released. Android L is said to come by Fall this year, but developers would be able to view and install the developer preview version of Android L on their devices, specifically Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013), though others like the Nexus 4 might have it too. So what is new in Android L? A bunch! and by bunch we mean tons. First is the UI overhaul, Android L would feature a User Interface that is flat, easy to use and the same across different devices. Google also stated that Android L has received Performance updates! also Google has announced Project Volta which would give Android L better battery management and a Power Save mode which they say is very much effective.

Jun 14, 2014

Galaxy S5 rumored to get Android 4.4.3 this month, Galaxy S4 to follow

Google just released Android 4.4.3 no too long ago, and we all know who has first dibs on the update, the Nexus Devices, Google Play Devices and also some Moto Devices. Now OEM's are known to a little slow in giving an update to their devices, but it somehow looks like someones taking a step faster.

Rumors has it that Samsung is to update the Galaxy S5 this month to Android 4.4.3 and not only that, they are also going to update the Galaxy S4 next month. There has been no information on what to be changed or added on the update but it is for sure some fixes from Android 4.4.3 are there. Now it's not that long since Android 4.4.3 was released, and knowing OEM's it i expected that it will took at least months before they update their devices. Is Samsung starting to join the trend of fast updates? Well that would be good news, would other OEM's do the same thing if ever that Samsung pulls the quick update good?

Jun 12, 2014

Taiwanese Actor Jimmy Lin leaks iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 rumors just wouldn't stop until it reaches it's official release date, now a more reliable leaked shows up!. Jimmy Lin, a Taiwanese Actor leaked the iPhone 5C last year, and now he's making a leak comeback with the iPhone 6.

The photo's shows that the iPhone 6 would actually have Two variants, a 4'7 inch and a 5'5 inch version. It is also noticeable that the devices has more curved sides Lin states that it improves the grip of the devices, though the aluminum body still gives it away. Also the Dual Led flash is now a goner and Apple went to a single one. The release date if the iPhone 6 is still very far and most likely we are to hear more leaks on the coming days.

Jun 10, 2014

LG G Watch to be given away at Google I/O 2014

2014 looks like to be the year of wearables,smartwatches,smartbands and so on. Now this year also marks the birth of Android Wear, a version of Android for wearables. The first to have this is LG' G Watch and Motorola's Moto 360. Both devices are yet to be launch,but if you are to Attend Google's I/O 2014, there is a little suprise for you!

If you are going to attend the I/O 2014, you'll be happy to know that thr G Watch would be given away for the atendees of the event! The I/O event would feature a lot regarding wearables, knowing that LG and Motorola would show up on the event, there is one more that would be present. There is a high chance that it is Asus. There is more to come and the event is Near! June 25 marks the event!

Jun 9, 2014

Google Now would wake you up when you reach your destination

Commuters like me, has at least experienced a time when you're really tired and without you knowing you already fell sleep, the next thing you know you are past on your stop. Now Google Now, offers a new service that would help a lot in a situation like this.

Google Now now has the ability to wake you up on your next bus stop, train stop or any destination you are headed to. How does it work? Simple,when the phone determines you are approaching your station, an alarm will go off, that may wake you up, caught your attention and remind you that you are about to go down. This amazing for people that wants to take a little nap, play games, watch a movie in you phone without you passing by your stop.

Photo's shows the Samsung Galaxy F

There has been rumors recently about a Metallic Galaxy device from Samsung dubbed as the Galaxy F, people has no idea on what it would look or what it has to offer. Now somehow we now have an idea it what it would be.

The Galaxy F  resembles the Galaxy S5 a lot, the only difference would be is that it has a metallic back-plate and sports a 5'3 inch screen but fitted in the Galaxy S5's frame. There has been no news on the official release date,specs or pricing.