Jun 14, 2014

Galaxy S5 rumored to get Android 4.4.3 this month, Galaxy S4 to follow

Google just released Android 4.4.3 no too long ago, and we all know who has first dibs on the update, the Nexus Devices, Google Play Devices and also some Moto Devices. Now OEM's are known to a little slow in giving an update to their devices, but it somehow looks like someones taking a step faster.

Rumors has it that Samsung is to update the Galaxy S5 this month to Android 4.4.3 and not only that, they are also going to update the Galaxy S4 next month. There has been no information on what to be changed or added on the update but it is for sure some fixes from Android 4.4.3 are there. Now it's not that long since Android 4.4.3 was released, and knowing OEM's it i expected that it will took at least months before they update their devices. Is Samsung starting to join the trend of fast updates? Well that would be good news, would other OEM's do the same thing if ever that Samsung pulls the quick update good?


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