Jun 25, 2014

Google officially announces Android L

It is been a long wait for everyone to know what would the next Android version have and what would it look like, and this has been going on through these years. This year Google has announced the next version of Android.. L.

So what is Android L stands for? well that part is not announced or finalized yet, but it surely would be announced before Android L is officially released. Android L is said to come by Fall this year, but developers would be able to view and install the developer preview version of Android L on their devices, specifically Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013), though others like the Nexus 4 might have it too. So what is new in Android L? A bunch! and by bunch we mean tons. First is the UI overhaul, Android L would feature a User Interface that is flat, easy to use and the same across different devices. Google also stated that Android L has received Performance updates! also Google has announced Project Volta which would give Android L better battery management and a Power Save mode which they say is very much effective.


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