Jun 6, 2014

McDonald's gets a new mascot.. a happy meal box. The Internet makes fun of it

McDonald's like other fast-food chains around, has it's own trademark mascots, they have the HamBurglar, Grimace, the icon of the fast-food restaurant Ronald McDonald and a bunch of others that you might not heard of. Now McDonald's decided to add a new mascot, and the Internet loves making fun of it.

Meet Happy, the Happy Meal Box. Well he's big toothed, has really big smile and uhhh he's a box. Now what is actually the problem with Happy? Well most people say that Happy has a weird look on his face, that smile and that eyes, looks like that he has a bad plan on mind. There are some rumors also of children being terrified with Happy, like come on, give the Box a break. Now the internet, is known for making fun of all stuff and Happy was little bit unlucky not to escape the internet's habit.

Here is some pictures that makes fun of Happy:

We have here a photo of Happy together with Ronald looking dissapointed.

This one Happy fights with Godzilla.

This one with the famous clown from the movie "IT".

And lastly


There is a bunch more in the internet, and there is more to come. What do you think of Happy? Should McDonald's just stay with Ronald instead?


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