Jun 7, 2014

Man gets hand stuck on a toilet for Six hours trying to save his Smartphone

We all value our phones too much, especially when they are new. We try not to get any scratch on it, dust or even get it wet. But what would you do if your beloved Smartphone goes diving on the toilet?

Now the odds of your phone falling on the toilet would be very very low, but what would you actually do if it does happen? Probably the same as this man, A man from Jiangsu Province of China accidentally dropped his phone on a Squat Style toilet,in his panic trying to save the phone, he dived his hand to grab the phone and save it, getting his hand stuck deeply on the toilet. It took Six hours before he got separated on the toilet, and he got his phone back, probably the phone has problems now. What would you do if you are on this situation? Are you ready to get your hand stuck for your beloved phone?


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