Jun 10, 2014

LG G Watch to be given away at Google I/O 2014

2014 looks like to be the year of wearables,smartwatches,smartbands and so on. Now this year also marks the birth of Android Wear, a version of Android for wearables. The first to have this is LG' G Watch and Motorola's Moto 360. Both devices are yet to be launch,but if you are to Attend Google's I/O 2014, there is a little suprise for you!

If you are going to attend the I/O 2014, you'll be happy to know that thr G Watch would be given away for the atendees of the event! The I/O event would feature a lot regarding wearables, knowing that LG and Motorola would show up on the event, there is one more that would be present. There is a high chance that it is Asus. There is more to come and the event is Near! June 25 marks the event!


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