May 31, 2014

An iPhone caught on cam on a slide for WWDC14... Could be iPhone 6?

WWDC14 would be this Monday, and there is just a few nights to prepare for Apple. There are a lot of rumored to be announced stuff on the WWDC event, there would be the iOS 8, the Mac OSX 10.10 and wait... the iPhone 6?

The slides are being tested on the events area and someone dared to snap a short video of the slides preparation, and caught on cam was an iPhone. Though the video is not that clear, it showed the front, sides and back of the iPhone 6. Though this contradicts on the leaked date of release which was September 19, could it be that Apple would actually give an official word about the iPhone 6 this  WWDC? Stay tune, the event is not that far and we'll wait to hear it from Apple itself.


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