May 28, 2014

Samsung announces Simband Health Watch

Smart watches becomes a trend of the year 2014, and a lot of mobile companies plans to release it's own smartwatch. Samsung being one of the first companies to do so, having released two smartwatches, the Android Based Galaxy Gear 2 and the Tizen Based Galaxy Gear Neo, also the sporty natured Galaxy Gear Fit. Now, Samsung aims to release another the Samsung Simband.

Samsung Simband

So what does the Simband actually aims to do, basically it's part of Samsung's Health Platform,meaning this would actually be health related. The Simband would be able to track Blood Glucose, things in the air (oh yes.), heart rate, oxygen levels and much more. The device would actually be a Medical Device in your wrist. Specs would be 1GHz Dual-Core ArmV7 Processor, all those meter and detecting tools fit in a small body, it also has WiFi and Bluetooth included.


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