May 28, 2014

Apple will provide Live Streaming for WWDC 2014.. for Apple Devices only.

It's that time of year again, where Apple would introduce it's new products and for those who can't go on the event on the flesh, Apple is kind to provide you a live stream of the event.. if you own an Apple device.

Apple would probably announce a new version of it's Mac OS X, or the rumored iOS 8 and a new Mac Book Pro. Now about the live streaming event, it's nice for them to provide it to those who can't be there, but after actually visiting the official link of the live stream, there is a notable quote on the bottom of the site.

It's kind for Apple to give their loyal customers special service,but wouldn't it be better to provide everyone the live stream so that it could at least encourage non-Apple fans to be interested on their devices? Well it's Apple were talking on here, but let's not take it on the bad side, and probably Apple would have a change of heart about the streaming requirements.


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