May 28, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 to be Released on September 19

Another year, another iDevice. It starts to be a yearly tradition for those techy geeks out there, and now here's one of those waited releases for the year.

While the WWDC 2014 is nearly coming, it's a sad news that there would be no iPhone showing on the said event. But before you apple-kids go disappointed, German Carrier 'Deutsche Telekom'  states that the iPhone 6 would come around September, and the date? is 19. Though it's all speculation and there is no official basis, we should not go all wild and crazy on the said day of release. Rumors that there would be a 4'7 inch version and a 5'5 inch version too. While it's still a long way, for now watch the coming WWDC for other Apple Products to be released.


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