May 29, 2014

LG confirms G Flex 2 and Vu 4 for 2014.

LG has recently announced the LG G3 on London, while everyone was all gathered on London for the said event, LG has held another event on Seoul,South Korea.

G3 Day on Seoul.
Recently there where leaks about the G Flex 2 is being developed by LG, the next update is said to bring more unique and innovative feature compared to the fixed curved display and self healing of the last version. The Vu 4 is not that much of a success outside of Korea but in it's hometown, it performs pretty well.

LG stated that they plan to release the said devices on the second half of 2014, meaning it would be either before the holidays or before 2015. There is not much more info left on the said devices but we'll wait for further announcements from LG itself.


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