May 30, 2014

iPhone 6 live photos leaks, more unbelievable than other leaks.

Apple-fanboys has been fed with a bunch leaks of the upcoming iPhone 6 these past few days,though some of it is pretty much believable there are also some that is actually... far from the possible reality.

The said to be iPhone 6.
Looking at the photos, you yourself could not actually believe that this could be the unannounced iPhone 6. The photo shows that the said to be iPhone 6 has a silver lining in it's bezel which resembles Samsung's Galaxy line up, and most likely the next iPhone or the last iPhones(except the 3Gs and below) don't posses this silver thing. Looking at he back we could see that the backplate of the device is actually plastic, not the style of Apple to use on it's premium devices,unless this is a C version like the 5C, the photo also shows that the device is running iOS 7. Apple is yet to announce the device,though people are much excited for it's unconfirmed September release, let's take each leak a pinch of salt.


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