May 23, 2014

Tappy Chicken! Another Flappy Bird type Game.

Flappy Bird has been famous for being unique, fast-paced and most of all... irritating!. But not that long ago, it was pulled out for reasons. Then came a bunch of Flappy Bird Copy Cats! And still many developers release their own versions of it,There is Jellyfish,a man, and etc. and now.. a Chicken. 

Tappy Chicken

So what's new?

Not much though, you tap on the screen avoid the pipes and die, so what makes Tappy Chicken unique?. Except the chicken, it uses Unreal Engine 4, yes.. the engine used for most high end games out there. Why use the engine for such a game you ask?Nothing, it just shows how easy it is to develop games nowadays and what potential the engine has. Unreal Engine 4 costs $19 per month and 5% if your app revenue, and its not that had to use.If you also want to develop your own Flappy Game (please don't) head over to Unreal Engine site to get started.


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