May 23, 2014

Samsung prepares Oculus Rift competitor, for it's Galaxy devices.

Most know what Oculus Rift is famous for, for those who has no idea, it's a Virtual Reality device,allows the user to have more feel of it's game or any media by using the wearable.

So what's with Samsung? The Korean Giant is preparing a device similar to Oculus Rift, but is optimized for it's Galaxy Line of Devices, sounds funny? Well it is.

Oculus Rift.

Though not being the first to launch the idea (Sony has Morpheus Project) Samsung is willing to take another step to wearable technology since its Galaxy Gear debut. Mentioned a while back, this would be optimized for the company's Galaxy Devices, yes, the Galaxy S5, Note Series and so on. 

Why make such device?

Well, technology is growing, and we should not be shocked about this idea. But Why? Most people would have an Android Device nowadays and a high rate of it are manufactured by Samsung. Android has matured a lot since it's first release, Android has improved on Media, Social, and Gaming, and speaking of Gaming.. this is where this device rolls. The probable cause of this idea is the Gaming capability of Android. Recently great PC Games has been ported to Android namely, Portal and Half Life 2. Samsung's planned VR Technology would improve gaming experience on Android. Taking Portable Gaming to the next level.

What's wrong?

Nothing is actually wrong, it's a great concept, but like any other devices it cannot escape comments. the first comments would actually be "Would I look ridiculous wearing that?" to answer, Yes, if you use it in public, so this device would be a non public thing, removing the idea of portable gaming. But, the project is still undergoing development, let us not take away the fact that they may be able to make it more usable in public. 


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