Jun 4, 2014

What's New on Android 4.4.3?

Google just released a new update to it's KitKat version of Android, though it's just a 0.0.1 plus upgrade,it does not bring small changes on Android itself.

As the changelogs says, Android 4.4.3 brings 7000+ updates and fixes to Android, though most of them are probably just byg fixes.

Most fixes are aimed for the Nexus 5, the updates fixed the problems on bluetooth for people who has encoutered it, also the popping sound being heard from play Flac files, Camera Improvements for the Nexus 5, improvements on wired handsets, Wi-Fi dropping issues and improvements to the new and to be implemented Android RunTime (ART). There are also Battery Improvements, LTE Performance improvements and LED Notifications fixes for Missed Calls.

Now all of those are not Visible or UI Changes, but Google somehow at least shaken the UI little bit by improving the Dialer Application's User Interface.

You would notice that the UI of the Dialer Application has somehow changed, there is the Mixture of the Old Holo Blue and the new Holo White, also the layout has been changed, The Speed Dial now has Full Sized Contact Pictures, also the animation of the Dialer was also changed to Fade.

The Contacts Application also recieved a little bit of UI improvements, Contacts that does not have a Contact Picture would now have the first letter of the contact's name as it's Picture,similar to Gmail's feature.

There are a bunch of more fixes that Android has recieved, but for now, have you already recieved your update?


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